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Self Care CBD Box

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Product Overview

Self Care Box

This wonderful self care box is perfect present to yourself or a gift for a loved on. There's plenty to share in this thoughtful box.

What the Self Care Box Includes:

CBD Lavender Bath Salts

Bath salts are used around the world for their therapeutic and healing properties. Users love bath salts because of their health and stress relief properties. Using nano-CBD is the only way to go when making sure all therapeutic properties are being dispersed throughout a bath. Read more on the ingredients here.

CBG AM Blend

With 250mg Nano-CBG, 1000mg Nano-CBD, and reintroduced uplifting terpenes, this beverage additive will brighten any morning and set your day for mindfulness. Because of our nano-technology, this product is very effective (4x traditional oil products) and water soluble, meaning it disperses great in beverages or water-based foods. Say goodbye to moody mornings, coffee jitters and "cloudy" days when you add a few drops of this to your drink of choice.

CBN PM Blend

This special beverage additive utilizes 1000mg Nano-CBD and 100mg Nano-CBN to promote deep, quality rest. We're taking a step forward by really emphasizing the benefits of the minor cannabinoid CBN. Notorious for better sleep results and extra inflammation help, this blend is one of a kind.

CBC/CBD Face Nectar Oil

This face oil is designed to provide skin with moisture and lock in hydration, while nourishing, softening and balancing skin. We used all of our favorites plant oils, starring CBC, CBD, Passion Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and other non-comedogenic oils. This mean’s this special formulation will not cause blocked pores. Learn more about these special ingredients here.

CBD Therapeutic Massage Lotion

This lotion is the perfect assistant to deep and relaxing massages, providing optimal glide, workability, and a non-greasy finish. We utilize high quality ingredients and Nano CBD to help calm inflammation, muscle, and joint pain. Nano CBD is 5 times more powerful than traditional CBD, so you’re sure to receive the healing benefits. This is adored by massage therapists! 

Hurraw Lip Balm

These vegan, raw, organic balms are everything your lips need. From Minnesota winters to Colorado's dryness, these have been my all time favorite. Read more about the 3 we carry.

Theratonics Holographic Sticker

This sticker was designed by the founder of Theratonics, Megan, and it's a fun little sticker made with love :)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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