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About Theratonics

Our mission is to help people feel better and love themselves more by providing natural plant solutions that help align the mind, body and soul. 

Our Values...

- We believe that cannabis is a great tool to help with mental health

- We believe that pharmaceuticals aren't the only solutions to physical and mental health issues

- We believe in supporting and listening to our customers and their needs

- We believe inflammation is a major source of discomfort

- We believe in sharing knowledge

Megan with CBD Beverage Additive in Denver

Theratonics is an imaginative Denver based company dedicated to quality, conscious formulations. We strive to combine our fascination of hemp with science and education to create unique, quick acting CBD products; crafted for maximum absorption into your body's natural healing systems. 

How it all started...

I became fascinated with hemp in 2013. I was attending Business School at MSUM and decided to attend a business pitch for biodegradable hemp machinery parts and was astounded by the sustainability and endless uses of hemp. From there I attended my first NOCO Hemp Expo, and was immediately drawn towards the medicinal properties CBD had to offer. After giving CBD to my arthritic kitty Cleo and seeing a huge demeanor change then using CBD for my anxiety, I truly believed in the functions of the endocannabinoid system and how CBD works with it. I was able to fully escape taking pharmaceuticals for my anxiety and replace them with natural plant medicine.

I feel that life is stressful and the world is absurd. Anxiety and depression are on the rise and I've lost many to mental health struggles. Hearing accounts of how these beverage additives help people with their every day internal battles ensures me that they're doing what they're suppose to... they're helping people. I believe cannabinoids have the power to help us find more comfort in our minds, bodies, and souls through our endocannabinoid system

Throughout the years, I wondered why full spectrum CBD, reintroduced terpenes, and Nano-CBD had not been combined into a single product. This is how Theratonics first beverage additives were created in the beginning of 2019. I then wanted to offer products with an array of cannabinoids minus THC, so those who couldn't utilize THC could still use the benefits of other cannabinoids. From here, I delved into combining these formulations with topicals, then became increasingly interested in the powers of minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBC. I'm a huge advocate for quality topicals for massage and target areas of joint and muscle inflammation, our topicals are ideal for therapists, elders, and anyone looking to receive the benefits of highly absorbable CBD.

Our goal is to spread hemp education and support others. We ensure our formulations’ accuracy, quality, and consistency with third-party testing and premium hemp – grown, processed, and manufactured here in Colorado. Our formulations are created in a FDA regulated lab in Denver by talented creators who truly believe in making premium CBD products.

For additional information, feel free to email or call us!

Megan Spence, Founder


To view an interview, featuring Megan and Theratonics, click here. Cheers!

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