CBN PM Blend (THC-Free)

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CBN PM Blend (THC-Free)

Benefits of Theratonics CBN PM Blend:

  • Easier for your body to absorb than traditional CBD oil, since the molecules are made smaller through our nano-emulsification process
  • CBD may reduce anxiety or discomfort associated with inflammation which assists easier rest
  • CBN is incredible for inflammation and studies are finding it helps significantly with achieving better sleep cycles
  • Perfect for adding to beverages and food because it's water soluble
  • The thoughtfully formulated terpenes will assist cannabinoids to have a relaxing, anxiety relieving effect
  • This is THC-Free, great for those who are THC-sensitive or can't consume THC
  • All natural ingredients, vegan, gluten-free, and animal-cruelty free, of course!

This special beverage additive utilizes 1000mg Nano-CBD and 100mg Nano-CBN to promote deep, quality sleep. We're taking a step forward by really emphasizing the benefits of the minor cannabinoid CBN. Notorious for better sleep results and extra inflammation help, this blend is one of a kind. This along side a high levels of broad spectrum CBD and nano-sized molecules, this blend is super effective, easily absorbable, and perfect to add to any drink of choice.

The thoughtful terpene blend added to this PM solution was created to provide a sense of body relaxation and peace. Terpenes are aromatic and flavor compounds found in nearly all plants. We utilize different terpenes for each blend to create specified effects when combined with CBD. 

With a full range of cannabinoids minus THC, everyone can use this product without having to worry about THC sensitivities or "drug tests" at work. Everyone should have the opportunity to utilize the powers of cannabinoids and plant medicine. 

Suggested Use:

Add to your beverage of choice when you're ready to relax or winding down for bed. Start with around about 7-10 drops (each drop is about 1.1 mg) and adjust accordingly from there. Every body is different, listen to yours!


Distilled Water, THC-Free Hemp Oil, CBG Isolate, Olive Oil, Terpenes, Saponin (bark extract from the Quillaja Saponaria tree), Potassium Sorbate

* Every one of our products is third-party tested to ensure potency and safety. We offer Certificates of Analysis for all of our products.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review