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Protection Box

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Product Overview

Protect your mind - Protect your body - Protect your soul

This is the perfect gift box to get for yourself or a loved one. This box includes:

  • A journal of choice - Journaling can inspire creativity, relieve stress, allow self-reflection, set & achieve goals, and help over-all mental health.
  • AM & PM Full Spectrum CBD Blends - You know how we feel about the powers of full spectrum CBD for our mind, body & soul. 
  • Self Defense Cat Keychain - Who couldn't use an adorable self defense key chain that provides the ultimate protection on-the-go?
  • Gem of Randomness - Crystal, gem, stone - call it what you'd like. We adore crystals for their energetic meanings, feels & looks. Let us pick you a random one for you or the one you're giving a gift to!

Journal Options

#1: Anticipation - Wonder & Imagination

The boundless dreams of childhood are within reach in the enchanting works of Victor Nizovtsev. His subjects invoke the fantastic figures that linger deep in our collective imaginations and his techniques, such as the use of translucent glazes, bewitch with colour and light.

#2: Poetry in Bloom

The design reproduced on this cover centres around a sensitive plant surrounded by other richly hued flowers, foliage and butterflies. The binding was used for The Sensitive Plant and Early Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley and is a celebration of the creative spirit.

#3: Jungle Song - Whimsical Creations

Laurel Burch was an artist who created brilliantly coloured, vibrant and moving themes with paint and paper, themes which inspired this book cover. For this Jungle Song design, Laurel Burch’s original characters, foliage and other details were adapted by a Japanese artisan to create a new watercolour painting.

#4: Dharma Dragon - Android Jones Collection

Ancient spiritual practices meet modern digital art in this kaleidoscopic reproduction of an original Android Jones artwork. Dharma Dragon asks the viewer to focus on the potential for awakening, the power of the ancient third eye and the early reverberations of the time that lies before us.

AM Beverage Additive

This AM full spectrum CBD blend features reintroduced terpenes that are sure to promote the energized, focused, and inspired day you deserve. Terpenes are strong, aromatic oils produced by plants that induce strong effects on our body and neurons in the brain, similarly to chemicals your body naturally creates.

We utilize Nano-technology because when CBD is made small enough to become soluble in water, it becomes far more absorbable in our body than traditional CBD oil! Our bodies are made of mostly water, right? 

Full Spectrum CBD is whole hemp plant extract - meaning all compounds and cannabinoids are present and working together to have a greater effect than just one isolated cannabinoid. 

PM Beverage Additive

The combination of nano-sized Full Spectrum CBD and calming reintroduced terpenes will surely help you unwind. Terpenes are strong, aromatic oils produced by plants that induce strong effects on our body and neurons in the brain, similarly to chemicals your body naturally creates.

Research has shown CBD works synergistically with terpenes to achieve different effects, which is why we think it’s important to combine these two and the science of nano-technology to create something really special. When CBD is nano-sized, it becomes 5x more absorbable in our body, which makes total sense when you think of our body being made up of mostly water.

Self Defense Cat Keychain

This keychain provides a convenient access tool everywhere you go. Made out of tough and strong aluminum, this keychain will deliver a devastating blow onto your attacker when used as a self-defense tool. To use, simply slide your fingers into the finger holes found on the keychain and deliver a strong punch onto your attacker while jamming the sharp ears into him. When not needed, this tool acts as a cute keychain that will hold your house or car keys. Carry this on you all the time for complete protection.

Gem of Randomness

Practitioners of crystal healing believe they can boost low energy, prevent bad energy, release blocked energy, and transform a body's aura. And if you don't believe in their energies, their beauty is enough to appreciate!



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