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Relax with CBD Bath Salts

Posted by Megan Spence on Feb 8th 2021

Relax with CBD Bath Salts

Treat Yourself with CBD Bath Salts

What are Bath Salts?

Another name for these wonderful bathtub additives that we’re going to be highlighting is “Soaking Salts”! Salts are the staple ingredient in bath salts and the rest are usually therapeutic additives - with that being said, read the ingredient label because some companies might try to sneak in synthetic fragrances or dyes!


CBD Bath Salts with Lavender

Salt is mostly comprised of sodium chloride, often possessing many other minerals and trace elements. Basic table salt does not have these same properties. Salt is obtained through a solar evaporation method, rock salt mining or a vacuum evaporation method.

Is there any better self love ritual than soaking in a hot healing bath of healing salts and relaxing essential oils? Bath salts are great for their physical health benefits, as well as mental health benefits. They’re easily dissolved, relatively inexpensive, and used for everything from stress relief to recovering from skiing to detoxing from a long weekend.

It is said that Hippocrates encouraged the use of salt water to his fellow healers and their patients by immersing them in sea salt. Today we use salts such as Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and Himalayan salt to create healing effects.

Why are Himalayan and Epsom our go-to salts?

Fun Fact about Epsom salt: 

Epsom salt isn’t actually a salt… it’s a pure mineral compound of magnesium sulfate in crystal form. So it looks just like salt! Magnesium AND sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin and offer remedies to a number of ailments.

Did you know that magnesium regulates over 325 enzymes, reduces inflammation helps muscle and nerve function AND improves absorption of nutrients? It also flushes heavy metals and harmful toxins from our cells! Following calcium, potassium, and sodium, magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the human body. In one Harvard study, it’s said that 50% of the population is magnesium deficient. Do your own research and find out all the ways you can get your daily dose of magnesium!

Himalayan Salt Bath Salts

Himalayan Salts! Pink + Mineral-Rich + Pristine

Pink Himalayan Salt is estimated to have 84 different minerals and trace elements! It’s given its characteristic pink color from its iron content. It also possesses minerals like potassium and calcium. It has many dietary uses as well as benefits like balancing the body’s PH, helping prepare you for a restful nights’ sleep and having potential skin benefits!

Water Soluble CBD vs Traditional Oil CBD

We all know that oil floats on water, yes? Well, it’s the same for CBD oil UNLESS it’s made water soluble. I’m guessing you don’t want to have the healthy benefits on CBD simply floating on the top layer of your bath. This can be done in a few different ways… Theratonics does it through a nano-emulsification process, which uses only natural ingredients. Water soluble CBD is also known as Nano-CBD or Nano-emulsified CBD. This process not only makes the CBD dispersible through your entire bath BUT it also becomes more absorbable through your skin because it is now a smaller molecule. SCIENCE!

What’s a bath without a relaxing scent?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you find lavender relaxing. This is because the scent of lavender impacts the nervous system, which controls emotions and plays a huge part in our feelings of anxiety and stress. So take a DEEP breathe and ENJOY this stress reducing essential oil.

Fun Fact #2: Linalool is the specific terpene in lavender that works with our nervous system (nervous – how fitting of a name!). Linalool is one of the star terpenes in Theratonics CBD PM Blend <Link> Beverage Additives!

Does the scent of vanilla beans give you the warm fuzzies? Same…. This oil not only gives the calmest of vibes but is also high in niacin, thiamin, and pantothenic acid, which all have fabulous skin benefits!

Are you craving a CBD Bath yet?

I am… if you want to feel like your bath is giving you the ultimate self love hug, I highly suggest you try these. I truly believe in people creating space to slow down and treat themselves. Whether it’s a hot cup of tea and a book, time with a yoga mat, or a healing bath, you deserve the best you. And we created our high quality, Theratonics CBD Bath Salts with you in mind. Treat yo’ self, love.

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